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CS Boiler Range


Take a look at what the Ravenheat CS 80 and
CS 90 boilers have to offer.

CSI Boiler Range


High efficiency condensing boilers.
Innovating new technology into gas boilers.

WH Boiler Range


The new exclusive boiler brand that puts style,
quality and innovation in a class of its own.

HE Boiler Range


Our newest boiler range.
Innovating new technology into gas boilers.


How to find a gas safe registered engineer

Whether you’re having some work done on your existing boiler, getting a new one installed or just having a service, only Gas Safe Registered engineers are legally allowed to work on gas appliances. In order to become a registered engineer, you must have undertaken a certain level of training to prove your competence. Don’t panic if you don’t know a Gas Safe Registered engineer or aren’t sure if the one you have in mind is, there’s a quick and easy way to check. Where to look It doesn’t take long to find a registered engineer in your area, there’s just four simple steps. Head over to the Gas Safe Register website. Click on ‘Find an [...]

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Ravenheat Manufacturing

Ravenheat products are designed by heating engineers for heating engineers. Every appliance features the highest quality components, from manufacturers like Honeywell and Grundfos, selected for their performance and durability. Since 1987 we have developed successive boiler ranges which all include premium features as standard, but without the premium price tag. Our innovation process means that we are constantly evaluating new technologies as well as looking at different applications for existing ones, balancing their cost against the efficiency and reliability that they deliver. Our ethos is to achieve quality without compromise, so that heating engineers can stay competitive and offer excellent value when their customers are looking for a new boiler.
Ravenheat Manufacturing
Ravenheat Manufacturing23/03/2018 at 1:21pm
New products and technology are always being added to our industry, that’s why we hold a free training day every month, to answer any questions you have about our boilers. Sign up to spend a day with us topping up your skills.

Five things to look for in your next boiler

When you buy a new house or car, chances are you’ll do plenty of research. As the source of power for your heating and hot water, a boiler is pretty important, but would you do the same amount of research if you needed a new one? A boiler replacement is an investment in your home and can take several days to fit, so it’s important you pick the right one. Here’s five things to consider when choosing your next boiler: Efficiency Boiler efficiency is more important than ever before. An efficient boiler will not only reduce your emissions, it can lower your heating bills too. When it comes to shopping around for a new boiler, [...]

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23/03/2018 at 6:02am
It’s that time again, welcome to all the engineers attending today’s free training! Don’t worry if you missed this one, there’s another next month 👏
https://t.co/MNUuyBAOhH https://t.co/rZMWYNRVlz



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