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CS Boiler Range


Take a look at what the Ravenheat CS 80 and
CS 90 boilers have to offer.

HE Boiler Range


Our newest boiler range. Now available in Compact.
Innovating new technology into gas boilers.

CSI Boiler Range


High efficiency condensing boilers.
Innovating new technology into gas boilers.

WH Boiler Range


The new exclusive boiler brand that puts style,
quality and innovation in a class of its own.


What to do with your boiler over the summer

When the weather heats up and the sun comes out, the last thing on your mind is your boiler and central heating, but there’s still a few things you should do to keep everything in working order. Turn your boiler on every now and then We know your mind is more likely thinking about sun, sea and sand holidays, but your boiler does need thinking about too. It’s summer, so you don’t need your heating to keep you warm and you’ve probably turned your boiler off to save a bit of energy and money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also a good idea to switch it on once or twice a month. It [...]

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Ravenheat Manufacturing

Ravenheat products are designed by heating engineers for heating engineers. Every appliance features the highest quality components, from manufacturers like Honeywell and Grundfos, selected for their performance and durability. Since 1987 we have developed successive boiler ranges which all include premium features as standard, but without the premium price tag. Our innovation process means that we are constantly evaluating new technologies as well as looking at different applications for existing ones, balancing their cost against the efficiency and reliability that they deliver. Our ethos is to achieve quality without compromise, so that heating engineers can stay competitive and offer excellent value when their customers are looking for a new boiler.
Ravenheat Manufacturing
Ravenheat Manufacturing13/08/2018 at 1:11pm
If you’ve got a customer with a big family who may want to use multiple showers at a time, our HE98S system boiler is the perfect solution.

Four ways to talk to your customers about keeping their boilers healthy

As an engineer, you’ll know as well as we do that domestic boilers are fundamental to homes across the UK, providing households with heating and hot water. Annual servicing and boiler care are important, as they can extend its operational life and also save homeowners money. But the topic of servicing and boiler health isn’t always the easiest to broach or explain to customers, so here’s some of our suggestions for how you could do it. 1. Explain why servicing is beneficial One of the easiest ways to talk to customers about why boiler servicing is important – as well as what they should do with it over the summer – is to talk to [...]

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At the end of each month, we hold a FREE training day! Come along to find out about working on our boilers, get tips and advice, and a free lunch too 😉
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