In this section you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and heating systems in general. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, then please call our technical helpline on 0113 252 7007.

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We offer a free one-day training courses at our headquarters in Leeds. The course provides you with detailed product knowledge covering the current Ravenheat range, including boilers, flueing options and controls. You will also learn how to diagnose faults and carry out servicing and repair work on both current and past models.

We do not sell spare parts directly to engineers or homeowners. You will need to buy spares through a specialist merchant. Please email [email protected] or call us on 0113 252 7007 for details of your nearest stockist.

Alternatively, contact us using the form below and we will get back to you with your local stockist.

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    The service and installation manuals for our boilers contain diagrams and an index which will help you identify the part and its corresponding part number. You can download manuals for current and discontinued boilers from our website by visiting the ‘Product Guides‘ section.

    Spare parts are sold through specialist merchants – to find your nearest stockist please email or call us.

    You can download manuals for all current and most discontinued products through this website, free of charge.

    If you need a hard copy printed version of installation and service manuals we can send these to you by post, however there is a charge. Please send your name, address, the manuals that you require and a cheque for £4.70, payable to Ravenheat Manufacturing Limited, to Ravenheat Manufacturing Limited, Chartists way, Morley, Leeds. LS27 9ET.

    Yes, plume management kits are available for all our high efficiency boilers. Part numbers are listed in the installation manuals or on the flueing section of this site.
    Ravenheat has a policy of producing purpose-built LPG models which undergo appropriate testing procedures for this type of fuel. For this reason we do not supply conversion kits.
    Yes. We recommend the use of a suitable inhibitor for the heating system, administered in accordance with the water treatment manufacturer’s instructions.
    The concentration level of the water inhibitor should be checked every 12 months or sooner if system content is lost or replaced.
    Flushing the heating system is an important part of the installation process as it helps to remove debris from the system, and therefore protects components in the boiler (such as the pump) from damage. This extends the working life of the boiler and minimises the chances of the boiler breaking down. We therefore recommend flushing the system every time a new boiler is installed. Once flushed, the system should be re-filled with inhibitor.

    The recommendations within BS7593 should be followed, whilst also paying attention to notes within Ravenheat installation and servicing instructions and any instructions from the flushing agent manufacturer.

    All of our boilers are compatible with a standard 100mm flue system as well as 125mm twin flue systems for longer runs. The maximum flue length will depend on the individual boiler model, as well as the number of 45 and 90 degree bends/elbows that are required. Full details are available in the instruction manuals or by calling our technical helpline.
    Some boilers can be fitted in certain zones in bathrooms depending on their individual IPX rating. The installation must always comply with IEE regulations so please check the installation manual for more information, or contact our technical helpline.
    Our boilers offer a great degree of flexibility in terms of siting, with 100mm, 125mm and twin pipe flue systems catering for different applications and flue length requirements. The flue and flue terminal must comply with Building Regulations, so this should be taken into consideration when deciding where the appliance should be fitted.

    Ravenheat boilers have a built-in frost thermostat which allows them to be fitted in enclosed outside spaces such as garages, however, appliances should never be fitted outdoors.

    Our boilers are available through independent merchants as well as some national chains around the UK. For details of your nearest stockist, please email us (including your postcode) and we will be happy to supply a list of local outlets. You may also be able to find online retailers who sell our products.
    Most models already have a built-in 7-day digital timer and details of how to set these are included in the installation manual supplied with the boiler.

    When you see a Ravenheat product listed, (T) in the product name denotes that the timer is built in.

    We also offer a range of wireless programmable room thermostats which can be fitted in to the fascia or externally, with an RF receiver unit which can be used for both time and temperature control.


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