As an engineer, you’ll know as well as we do that domestic boilers are fundamental to homes across the UK, providing households with heating and hot water.

Annual servicing and boiler care are important, as they can extend its operational life and also save homeowners money. But the topic of servicing and boiler health isn’t always the easiest to broach or explain to customers, so here’s some of our suggestions for how you could do it.

1. Explain why servicing is beneficial

One of the easiest ways to talk to customers about why boiler servicing is important – as well as what they should do with it over the summer – is to talk to them about it when you’re there for a job.

Whether you’re reminding them about annual servicing before you leave or just having a chat over a cup of tea, explain the reasons why a boiler service is a good idea. Maybe start by reminding them that it reduces the chance of a winter breakdown and gives it a longer serviceable life!

2. Leave a card

You’ve all got a stack of business cards kicking around somewhere. If you don’t use them, this is your chance! The blank back of those cards is perfect for writing down the date of a recommended service. It also means the customer has your details to call you when it comes around. Service reminder stickers on the boiler itself with your contact information on are another good idea.3

3. Use social media to share advice

Social media is a great tool for promoting your business and services, but it’s also ideal for sharing your knowledge with customers. We use our social media channels to share hints and tips with homeowners, like how to defrost their condensate during winter. Why not do something similar for your own customers? A Facebook business page is perfect for sharing bits of advice on things like why and how often customers should get their boiler serviced, and what to do with it during the summer.

4. Point them to manufacturer FAQs

Like a lot of companies, we’ve got a list of frequently asked questions on our website, for both installers and homeowners. That includes advice on things like the importance of annual servicing and how to organise a service. So if your customers are looking for manufacturer advice on what to do, tell them to take a look at the FAQs.


This summer, we’ll be sharing tips and information on our Facebook and Twitter channels about the importance of services and boiler health. We’d love you to get involved and share our posts to help raise awareness with your customers and all homeowners!