This week is Gas Safety Week, so we’re taking this opportunity to remind members of the public to be more aware of gas safety issues in their homes.

Installer James Winyard attended to his grandfather Kevin’s boiler earlier this year to find the insulation panels had failed. The 20-year- old boiler was a potential fire risk and needed to be removed immediately.

To replace it, James installed one of our more efficient CS80 combi boilers. This has not only made Kevin’s home much safer, but also allowed him to save an incredible amount on his weekly utility bills. With his old boiler, Kevin was paying as much £70 a week into his prepaid card meter during winter. Shortly after the install he was paying just £19.

James Winyard, who’s a Gas Safe-Registered Heating Engineer, said: “My grandad’s boiler was a potential accident waiting to happen, I can’t emphasise enough how important it is for people to have their appliances serviced annually.”

He chose the CS80 because it’s “a good boiler for a very competitive price”. One problem that often arises is that people think having a new boiler fitted will be expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Ravenheat’s Managing Director Louis Pickersgill said: “Gas Safety Week is an ideal time to highlight the need for annual servicing and a safety check of all gas appliances, irrespective of make or manufacturer.

“It was fortunate that James was able to identify the fault with his grandfather’s boiler before it could have caused any potential damage.”