We’re proud to say efficiency is a major feature of our HE range, as both the HE80 and HE98 have an A+ ErP energy efficiency rating.

Our newest boilers also come with OpenTherm compatibility as standard, giving customers even more control over heating their homes. The Honeywell round modulating room stat and internet gateway work alongside one another to make the most of the boiler, while providing heating and hot water on demand.

What is OpenTherm?

In simple terms, OpenTherm is technology that allows a boiler to communicate with a room thermostat.

This means the boiler can run as efficiently as possible. In normal situations, a boiler will run at full power and be switched on and off periodically once the customer’s home has reached the correct temperature.

Honeywell’s modulating room stat will provide just the right amount of heat needed to make the room a comfortable temperature.

If your customer’s home needs to be one degree warmer, the room stat will tell the boiler to start at a lower point, so it can operate in condensing mode. This makes it more efficient, saving them both energy and money.

Be in control from anywhere

Our HE80 and HE98 boilers come with an internet gateway, so your customers can connect to Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort app. Whether they’re lying in bed or out at the supermarket, the free app lets them control their boiler no matter where they are.

To take a look at the HE range in more detail, visit the products section of our website, ask a question on our official Facebook page, or give us a call on 0113 252 7007.