We value feedback from our installers, which is why we can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of our latest boiler, the HE98S.

One of the first people to get their hands on the new model was Jamie Whitehead, who has written this review that we couldn’t wait to share with you.

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Jamie’s Review

The following statement expresses my own opinions, thoughts and final conclusions.

Back when I was an apprentice my mentor was a very experienced and time served engineer and was committed to installing Ravenheat boilers, I at the time didn’t know any different and was trained to an extensive high level of competency. I found within my apprenticeship that I really didn’t think much to the Ravenheat boilers as they seemed to be always breaking down or even very problematic as they were being installed.

As I completed my apprenticeship and went out in to the big bad world on my own I vowed I would not ever install a Ravenheat boiler again as my confidence in them was at an all-time low and for many years I adhered to this.

However, around spring 2016 I had a telephone call from John Wilson, technical services and training manager, asking me if I was prepared to go and have a chat with him to discuss their new range of boilers on the market. As I have known John for many years, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a chat and see what’s what, although I was very apprehensive.

John explained to me that he was aware of the problems that Ravenheat had had in the past and that they had got a bad name but like all manufacturers mistakes happen. He went on to introduce me to the CS and WH range of boiler and after showing me the ins and outs I was surprisingly impressed at the work they had carried out to resolve the bad press they had received over previous years and at a very competitive cost-effective price who am I to judge. The proof would be in the pudding and I agreed I would try push a few out and trial them.

A couple of month went by and I received the opportunity to install one for a local landlord who of course was on a budget. I must say I was massively impressed on how easy to install they were with commissioning made very easy with all inputs etc displayed in the installer menu.

I then went on to fit over 20 of this range up to present day with no problems and I haven’t looked back. A while back John Wilson had asked engineers what they wanted within a boiler, they spoke he responded.

Ravenheat have now produced the HE98S that was designed by myself and other engineers on board, as John says ‘The Ravenheat Elite’.

I had the pleasure of having a meeting with the founder, Louis Pickersgill and John Wilson to arrange an install of the prototype HE98S and I was seriously flabbergasted at what had been achieved by the manufacturers from Leeds.


  • SEDBUK A rated
  • 5-year warranty
  • OpenTherm compatible
  • Weather compensation (optional)
  • DHW flow rate of 12 l/min @35-degree rise
  • Compact size: H-700mm, W-400mm D-300mm
  • Fully ERP compliant
  • Backlit LCD
  • Whisper quiet in operation
  • Built in frost protection
  • Integral colour coded valve kit eliminates unsightly valves below the boiler
  • User friendly controls
  • High density insulation
  • DHW pre-heat function
  • Minimum low power of only 3.7KW further reduces energy cost


  • Brass and premium branded components for lasting quality
  • Stainless steel main heat exchanger
  • Fully accessible from the front making service easier
  • Side clearance of only 1mm required
  • Easy release control panel allows easy access for servicing
  • Built-in deep condensate trap designed to reduce external nuisance freezing in winter
  • Multifix wall hanging bracket available (optional)
  • Flexible condensation pipe for multi positioning discharge drain
  • Lightweight design to aid installation
  • Removable side panels
  • Built-in automatic by-pass
  • Low-NOx class 6 – 36.06 mg/kwh
  • Anti-locking pump and valve feature
  • Stand-off bracket available for piping own the back of the appliance (optional)

In my opinion, over the last couple of years Ravenheat have gone from strength to strength and me for one am not here to teach old school engineers who maybe set in their ways how to suck eggs.

I cannot recommend the new range of Ravenheat highly enough and the work Louis, John and the rest of the platinum back up team have achieved and I would just like to say to all the haters, doubters and keyboard warriors out there you are missing a trick, we are all in business to make money and you can sell a cheap first-class boiler at premium prices while been assured you can rest easy knowing in your mind you’ve made it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and anyone requiring any info please contact Ravenheat direct on 0113 252 7007 and speak to the team. They’re awaiting your call.