We love our newest combi boiler, the HE98S, and we couldn’t be prouder to say it’s helped a local family cut the cost of their energy bills and keep their home warm!

When George Robinson moved into his new home near Leeds and found the boiler needed replacing, he asked his long-time friend and heating engineer, Michael Goodall, for advice. With 14 years of experience in the industry and his own plumbing and heating business, iPlumb, Michael recommended our HE98S.

George has been incredibly impressed with his new boiler, which saved him a whopping £30 off his first month’s energy bill.

“It’s fantastic. I spoke to a lot of people who fit a lot of boilers and most of them said if you want the best price and service get a Ravenheat,” said George. “It has great premium branded parts inside the boiler and you get the personal touch from the staff, which is just amazing.

“Once we had the boiler fitted we noticed an instant change. It’s warmer and gets up to temperature really quickly, especially with the OpenTherm thermostat. It’s a really efficient boiler and system. We need to think about saving money on bills in particular with having a young family, and it has absolutely cut money off our energy bills.”

Efficiency is at the heart of our products, so we made our HE98S with OpenTherm compatibility as standard. This allowed George to have a Honeywell thermostat fitted alongside his boiler, which means he and his partner can adjust their heating from a mobile device.

This has helped the family stay warm and save even more energy, as they’ve been able to set the heating remotely for the specific times they know they’ll be home.

As an experienced heating engineer, Michael has been equally impressed by our boiler.

“I chose the HE98S because of its small design and what’s inside the boiler. The internals are all brass and copper, and it‘s OpenTherm compatible, it’s a cracking piece of kit,” said Michael.

“It’s really simple to install, which we like. You can tell it’s engineers who designed it. Ravenheat asked heating engineers what we thought should be in boilers and we all gave feedback. Builders and plumbers always have cuts and scabs on our hands because of our work, but that’s all safe in the HE98S, there’s no sharp edges.”

To find out more about our HE98S, just visit our products page.