Heating Controls

Plug-In Receiver

Adding heating controls to a system is a vital part of maximising efficiency. As well as being able to match the performance of the boiler to the demands of individual household, it provides the opportunity to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. As an example, reducing the temperature in a room by 1°C can help save up to 10% on heating bills. By using our wireless programmable room thermostats, the transmitter can be placed in whichever room is most in use at a particular moment, to ensure a comfortable temperature where it’s needed.

  • Wireless Timer/Thermostat Control
  • Suitable for Use with Any Combi Boiler
  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • 7 Day Programmable Settings
  • Digital Temperature Time Display
  • Manual Override Switch
  • Economy Comfort Features
  • Increased Home Efficiency

The stylish timer/thermostat consists of a “mobile transmitter unit” which can be all wall mounted or free standing. Installation is simple and requires no wiring between transmitter and receiver unit. The timer/thermostat can be fitted in any normal operating environment within a 30 metre range between the Transmitter and the Receiver.

RVHT2 Transmitter and Receiver Set

The receiver unit for the RVHT plugs straight in to the boiler control panel, comes with a wireless transmitter that acts as a room thermostat and programmable timer.

Transmitter Unit

RVHT Transmitter Unit

The Transmitter features a blue light background with is soft key operated, with a red LED button lighting system for ease of use, particularly in dim lighting. The unique R/F address code settings are adjustable to match both the Transmitter and Receiver. Once set this ensures that the R/F transmission signal code is unique, preventing interference by any other signal.

The timer/transmitter-unit can be used as a mobile device or can be wall mounted. The mounting height of the receiver unit should be approximately 1.5m above the floor. The Receiver is a standard universal module that can be fitted directly into the boiler, making it possible to fit within the control panel or replace a standard combi boiler timer without the need for any extra wiring.

See installation manual for further details.

Technical Data

Dimension110.8 W x 104 H x 21.5 D mm
Transmitter Unit:Battery Powered
Clock Format24H
Temperature Control Range:5 - 35oC
Temperature Display Range:0 - 50oC
Programme features 2 separate settings:Comfort and Economy
7 Days of the week can be programmed separately to split 24 hours in 48 programming zones

Wiring Connections of RVHT 2 to Ravenheat Combination Boiler

Boiler Dimensions

Refer to your specific boiler manual for further details.

Wiring Diagram – RVHT 2

RVHT 2 Wiring Diagram

T1 – T2 Switching Wire Connections
(Boiler Roomstat/Timer)

See installation manual for further details.