The White Boiler Company is the new exclusive boiler brand that puts style, quality and innovation in a class of its own.

WH System 4-24
4.0 – 26.2 kW Sealed System Boiler

  • SEDBUK A Rate
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Innovative Low Energy Consumption
  • Large Digital Visible Temperature Adjustment
  • Exceptionally Quiet in Operation
  • User Friendly Touch Controls, Simple and Easy to Use
  • Integral Valve Kit Eliminates Unsightly Valves Outside the Boiler
  • Compact in Size – 700mm High, 400mm Wide and 300mm Deep
  • Built-in Deep Seal Condensation Trap Designed to Reduce Nuisance Freezing in Winter
  • Flexible Condensation Pipe Conveniently Located After the Trap
  • Manual and Automatic Air Vent Allows Air Out of the System More Easily When Commissioning
  • Brass and Premium Branded Components for Lasting Quality
  • The High Density Foam Lining of the WH System 4-24 Keeps Heat In and Allows for Quiet Operation
  • Removable Side Panels
  • Built-in Automatic By-pass
  • Low NOx Class 5 Meets New Stringent Building Codes
  • The Weather Compensator Option Makes the Boilers Perfect for New-build Projects
  • Solar Compatible
  • Minimum Low Power of 3.6kW Further Reduces Energy Cost
  • Greater Energy Saving Through the Appliance Modulating
  • Lightweight Design to Aid Installation
WH System 4-24

Flue Options

CS80 Inside View

The new WH System 4-24 can be fitted with either a 100mm standard (concentric), a 125mm flue duct or a twin (eccentric) flue duct, which can be installed either vertical or horizontal, depending on the customer’s requirement.

A one metre standard horizontal flue kit is supplied separately; this can extend to 8 metres if required, or 13 metres vertical (maximum without bends). Alternatively there is a 125mm (concentric flue system that allows greater flexibility (26 metres)). Eccentric flue ducting is perfect for covering long distances and when used with a special connector this can be extended up to 43 metres air intake/exhaust.

See installation manual for all flue options.

PartDescription Flue 60/100Part No
11 metre horizontal flue kitPR5023016
2Straight flue header/Sample PointPR5094110A
31 metre high plume kitTER110101
41 metre flue extensionPRFE
545o in line flue bendPR45FBI
690o in line flue bendPR90FBI
7Flashing sleeve/plateTEG060050
81 metre vertical terminalTER110200
9Combi ridge terminal kitTER090100
1090o flue exhaust deflection bendCUR110100
1145o flue exhaust deflection bendCUR110050
Flue Diagram

Easily Installed Neat Connections

Neat Connections


Built to exacting ISO 9001 standards using quality components, all our boilers carry the European CE mark. Each Ravenheat appliance undergoes rigorous testing and operating procedure before being carefully packed for maximum protection, ready to leave our factory.

We only use high quality components from leading industry manufacturers: Honeywell, Grundfos and Giannoni.

*Image for demonstration purposes only.

Boiler Specification

ModelWH System 4-24
Domestic Hot Water Max Output
(Adjustable Modulation)
Expansion Vessel18L
Maximum Central Heating TemperatureoC80
Heating Flow & Return Compressionmm22
Gas Connectionmm15
Domestic Supply (Cold) Compressionmm15
Domestic Supply (Hot) Coppermm15
Condensing Pipe ¾ Push Fit Overflow Pipe
Flue Sizemm100
Electrical Mains Supply230v 50Hz
Fused 3amp
Nat Gas Band A 2005/2009
LPG Band A 2005/2009
Nox Class (lowest possible level)
Available with or without timer


Performance tested technology, including brass and premium branded components, featuring the easy release control panel allowing easy access for servicing make the WH System 4-24 a sure-fire hit with installers.

Boiler Dimensions

Technical After-Sales Service

The White Boiler Company has a technical helpline based in Leeds. Service engineers and their customers have the satisfaction of knowing they will receive advice from one of our technical assistants and that one of our own technicians is on hand should an on-site visit be required.

The White Boiler Company only uses its own highly qualified technicians, thereby, ensuring that highest quality and most reliable customer care.